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Woodwork Plans 101

woodwork plansAt this step we will learn about how to attach the back slats. It is the proper time to work on the curved back slats. The main ingredient to attach the back slats is screw. The curves will be marked so they will have the proper continuity before these slats will be installed. You should remove each board after marking the curves. You need to fix up the curve cut on the band saw, thereby returned and installed eternally.
To set in motion, you need to cut eight 1×4 boards at 32” (inch) in length, and another eight at 38” (inch) long. Also for spacers, please cut a pair of pieces of 1×4 at 1/2” (inch) in width. You may cut these boards by using your compound miter saw or circular saw. In addition read about detailed woodwork plans so you can be up to speed with everything basic,

We’ll start in working outwards and the focal point to make sure that the boards will be in an even way spaced for installing the back boards. Thereby please make a pencil mark on the inside face (the direction onto which the back boards will attach) after you have found the center point on the back spreader. Therefore, you need to make another mark by pencil at about 1/4” (inch) on each side of this center mark. Please repeat the whole process again, while doing the same for the lower spreader as well.

Now the next step comes as, you need to take two of the 32” (inch) back boards, cut a notch 1/2” (inch) wide by 3-1/2” (inch) long by the help of the band saw. These indentations are to be used around the center spreader. From the back side (from beginning to end of the spreader) please attach these two boards with countersunk 1-1/4” (inch) screws. You need to be very careful while aligning the notched side of each on the appropriate pencil marks which you had made earlier in this step. Please make sure that the boards have been set as square to the spreaders. The bottom of the lower spreaders should be flushed with the bottom of the boards.

What you have to do now is to affix four 38” (inch) boards to each side of the first two boards. Then you got to flush with the bottom spreader, you can do it with the help of the spacers to make sure proper taking apart. As a final task of this step, you should put together the last two 32” (inch) boards to the back, while doing this please mark around the two seat supports.

After that, please bring into play a length of string or a scrap of stock by the side of with your pencil, this is be done arcs for the curved backs to mark the semi-circular. Please remember to remove each board, you need to cut the arcs then by the help of band saw, and lastly re-install this.

TIP: To trace the arcs to the small boards, you can use the arc while you are cutting on the initial long board in the sequence for tracing out the arcs to those small boards you have used here.